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52 Piece Presser Foot Kit: DEMO 2 | Az általunk biztosított dalakkordokat itt láthatja

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A témához kapcsolódó képek 52 Piece Presser Foot Kit: DEMO 2

52 Piece Presser Foot Kit: DEMO 2

52 Piece Presser Foot Kit: DEMO 2

A témához kapcsolódó információk presser

TIME STAMPED (see below) :

Braiding Foot with multiple examples (0:03)
Adjustable Bias Tape Binder Foot (12:25)
Nail Button Pressing Foot (18:34)
Sewing Beads Foot & Round Bead Foot (20:40)

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******* PRODUCT LINKS ********

Janome: *unavailable* (not all the feet in the 52 piece set will work on this machine but I’m liking this machine so far)

52 piece presser foot set:
62 piece presser foot set:
3Pcs Narrow Rolled Hem Sewing Machine Presser Foot:
Sleeve board:
Tailor ham:
Pick it up mitt:
Blocking mats:
Dress dummy:
6.5 x 24” acrylic ruler:
Quilter temples:
Square quilters rulers:
Rotary cutter:
Binder clips:
Sewing clips:
Hair clips:
Pattern weights:
Magnetic pin wand:
Tag gun:
Leather rivet set:
Grommet set:
Triangle Tailor’s Chalk Markers:

Occasionally you will see I am having a tension issue with my machine. I have ran this poor machine a ton and it needs maintenance but I can not afford that at this time. So in the meantime I make due and adjust as needed.

>>https://hungary.xemloibaihat.com/, Reméljük, hogy ezek az információk nagy értéket képviselnek az Ön számára

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52 Piece Presser Foot Kit: DEMO 2


40 thoughts on “[eredeti_cím] | presser | A legnépszerűbb magyar dalakkordokat kínáló weboldal”

  1. You are FANTASTIC!!!! EXPLAINS JUST BEAUTIFULLY, direct, precise, without repeating yourself and wasting time like 99% of the sewing so called demonstrators!! Show ALL the details that one wonders, without going around in vicious circles!!! Direct to the point! THE BEST TEACHING I HAVE EVER EVER SEEN!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  2. I remember you made the extra presser foot holder narrower to accommodate a new presser foot you bought…is it possible thats the one you had on mashine that made this one loose?

  3. Your demos are very informative. Thank you! Have you tried ruffling any ribbons into a design like hair, poodles, or to show any textures? I have a lot of feet that I need to practice with. 🙂

  4. Thank you for timestamping each foot you used.
    I was getting confused what they were called until I checked your written intro.

  5. I've had a big presser foot kit for a while now, I knew what a few of the feet were but not all. Thanks to you now I know how to use every one of them! Thank you for the clear and simple instructions!

  6. Hey you probably already figured it out judging by the video's data: These presser feet comes with an extra universal "adapter" connection that makes it stable =))) Thanks for the vid !!

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