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1986 Omega Tribe ‎- Crystal Night (1987) Full Album | Az általunk biztosított dalakkordokat itt láthatja

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A témához kapcsolódó képek 1986 Omega Tribe ‎- Crystal Night (1987) Full Album

1986 Omega Tribe ‎- Crystal Night (1987) Full Album

1986 Omega Tribe ‎- Crystal Night (1987) Full Album

A témához kapcsolódó információk omega discogs


A1 00:00 Counterlight
A2 04:51 Lady Free
A3 09:25 Phoenix
A4 14:15 Indian Summer
A5 18:30 I’ll Never Forget You
B1 23:34 Crystal Night
B2 27:39 Ipanema Rain
B3 32:33 Super Chance
B4 37:08 For Each Other


Artwork [Back Cover Art Worker] – Kunio Watanabe
Chorus – Eve (tracks: B1, B4)
Coordinator [Session Co-ordination] – Velvet Line
Design – Masami “Bip” Oh-Hara
Directed By – Shigeru Matsuhashi
Edited By [Digital Editor] – Kenji Takeda
Engineer [Overdubbing Engineer, Second Engineer] – Mizuo Miura
Engineer [Overdubbing Engineer] – Hiroshi Fujita, Tatsuo Sekine
Engineer [Second Engineer] – “Gattsun” Tanaka
Executive-Producer – Atsushi Kitamura, Katsuhiko Endo
Guitar, Chorus – Mitsuya Kurokawa, Shinji Takashima
Keyboards, Chorus – Toshitsugu Nishihara
Lacquer Cut By – Osamu Shimoju
Management [Artist Management] – Miyako Ann, Suguro Aso
Management [Management Office] – Triangle Production
Mastered By – Shigeru Buzawa
Photography By [Artist Photo] – Hideharu Sato
Photography By [Front Cover] – Yoshio Otsuka
Producer – Koichi Fujita
Promotion – Ichiro Kita
Recorded By, Mixed By – Kunihiko “Jr.” Shimizu
Vocals – Carlos Toshiki

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1986 Omega Tribe ‎- Crystal Night (1987) Full Album

omega discogs.

26 thoughts on “[eredeti_cím] | omega discogs | A legnépszerűbb magyar dalakkordokat kínáló weboldal”

  1. 当時ジャケットに写っている、夜景の「Crystal Night」のバージョンが欲しくて、どうやったら手に入るのだろう??とあれこれ考えた中学生の頃の思い出があります。

  2. 今でも毎日聴いてる還暦女子です❗️胸キュンキュンで勝手にときめいています😃美しい声が素敵です☺️

  3. ありがとうございます。
    歌謡曲!?J popやロックも本当に

  4. Lady Freeは車のCMに使われそうと勝手に思ってました Crystal Nightはシングルになってもよかったと思います。
    For Each Otherは情景が浮かびます それと歌詞の主の正直な思いも

  5. My goodness, if you're looking for something with that "80's charm," this is the album for you! All the songs from A4 to B4 make for a fantastic line up of songs. Ipanema Rain and Crystal Night are the standouts. With Ipanema Rain, I just love how the Omega Tribe incorporated the music of Carlos' home-country into their own style. And Crystal Night just oozes character. Just give it a listen; no wonder they named the album after it!

  6. A Vari-Lite illuminates you in a graceful move.
    As, dancing in your black costume, you catch my eye.
    Only a crystal rhythm will adorn tonight for us.
    You'll pretend not to notice me until the end of the next tune.

    The coldness of the sherry glass relaxes me.
    I wouldn't feel so impatient if I wanted to invite you for only one night.
    Because of this accidental encounter, I expect a dramatic event.
    There is a some frustration in this sober city.

    I love you so much that I'm eager to sweep you off your feet.
    I've given in to a one-sided love during this fleeting weekend.
    Couples with their shoulders close to each other melt into the street.

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