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Out Of Control – Havana Moon – The Rolling Stones | Az általunk biztosított dalakkordokat itt láthatja

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A témához kapcsolódó képek Out Of Control – Havana Moon – The Rolling Stones

Out Of Control - Havana Moon - The Rolling Stones

Out Of Control – Havana Moon – The Rolling Stones

A témához kapcsolódó információk havana magyarul

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Out Of Control – Havana Moon – The Rolling Stones

havana magyarul.

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  1. R.I.P.🕊 — Rest In Paradise🕊 — Descansa En Paz🕊 CHARLIE WATTS!!! … Thank You For Your Talent On The Drums, For The Music You Gave To Us With The ROLLING STONES!!! Your Musical Legacy Is The Mark You Leave To Mankind!!! My Deep Condolences To CHARLIE WATTS's Family, Friends, Loved Ones, The Band!!! Thanks So Much!!! PEACE🕊

  2. Une petite chose que j'ai remarqué, ça n'engage que moi …,:) Dans les pays brimés, hélas nombreux !. Côté nord, exemple la Russie, ils étaient plutôt Beatles, dans le sud, ils étaient Rolling stones, même si bien entendu (comme nous) ils écoutaient les deux !!!. C'est juste une remarque fun …. 🙂 Un petit constat, il y a forcément une raison culturelle quelque part …. 🙂 Mais Stravinsky et Perez Prado, peut-être un début de réponse …… 🙂

  3. I'm 58 and never saw them in concert.
    But I totally love watching them perform.
    I remember being 15 when 1 of there albums came out, and my boyfriend and I made out on the coach to the Stones.
    Kick ass. Blessings 😇😎🙏🙌🤍💛🎼🎸🎤🎧

  4. Soo, we see a family, Dogg..Dough Boy raps with Rabbit, c and flames down South engulf the rim and they can't fuck with Demenshun.. who's a rapper that will mindfuck you to the nth non mate!!!!

  5. Best video version of this song for sure, just wonderful. Saw them a couple weeks earlier in Mexico City, equally great, if not so historic as this show. 1997 "No Security" version is also great musically. One of the band's truly great songs in my opinion, up there with the greats from the 60s and 70s. Keith's guitar break is sheer Keith genius — why less is more — and Mick is amazing on harmonica (and singing and dancing of course). Amazing.

  6. I flew them from Cuba to Miami, after that live! It was my second flight as a flight attendant and I couldn’t believe I was living through this dream!

  7. puta que pariu esse charlie é um monstro da bateria, vai tomar no cu; enquanto isso o mundo infestado de bateristas com "uma puta tecnica" que "tocam muito" e nao tem groove e nao sabem fazer o basico. QUE ANIMAL ESSE CHARLIE PUTA QUE PARIU

  8. I just can't get enough of "the boys"! Out of control, Midnight Rambler, Can't You hear Me Knocking and so many more! God bless these "old men" and keep them playing great music!

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