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[eredeti_cím] | chris rea | A legnépszerűbb magyar dalakkordokat kínáló weboldal

Chris Rea "Texas" | Az általunk biztosított dalakkordokat itt láthatja

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A témához kapcsolódó képek Chris Rea "Texas"

Chris Rea "Texas"

A témához kapcsolódó információk chris rea

From the album “Road To Hell” 1989.

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Chris Rea "Texas"

chris rea.

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  1. Seems like this video depicts a family leaving communist Berlin after the fall of the wall. As they depart from there government flat and get into their trabant motor vehicle which was produced by the communist government, they're headed for Texas. Texas is freedom!!!!

  2. In 1821 the first Texas settlers of Stephen F. Austin's colony began arriving. This begins the bicentennial of the settlement of Texas. And we're still going strong.

  3. I've been to Texas. One of the best states in the union. My wife and I made a road trip from Denver. Drove to San Antonio and back. We loved Texas! Currently: 2021 I hope the Leftist democrats don't ever take over and destroy Texas! STAY STRONG!!!

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